Winter Luncheon: During Yale’s winter break, the Club hosts a luncheon to which we invite local kids attending Yale. Most recently in both Harrisburg and State College

Feb Club Emeritus: A tradition from the ’80s and ’90s reborn in 2008 – somewhere in the world, one Yale party every night of February:  www.febclubemeritus.com.  Now in Central PA too. We’ve been holding Feb Club events in State College, Hershey, Lebanon, Lancaster and Wrightsville.

The idea is to stop by and say hello.  You don’t have to stay the whole time. If you want to host your own Feb Club event, that’s great, email me, Ben Slotznick, so we can post it.

Day of Service: A Yale spring tradition every May – because members of the Yale community are committed to making a difference wherever they are: yaledayofservice.org. Now in Central Pennsylvania.

Yale alumni, family and friends give their time and skills to local communities as they carry on Yale’s great tradition of service to others.  If you want to co-ordinate a Day of Service event in your Central PA community, that’s great, email me, Ben Slotznick.

Camp Yale Emeritus: From time to time, the Club held casual summer parties in Mt. Gretna, then started holding them in State College, Camp Hill, and Wrightsville. It’s been so much fun, that we’ve worked to spread this tradition across alumni-dom as Camp Yale: http://campyale.net.

Activities and Events: For more information check out the Latest Newsletter. If you live in Central PA and are not getting the newsletter by email, drop a line to Ben Slotznick.

Facebook: Check out our Facebook group page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/369573629742618/.  Join the group. Follow Club happenings. Like us.




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