Camp Yale Emeritus 2019

September 15, 2019: This was a good year for summer parties in Central PA. We held 3 events in 2 cities, and helped other Yale Clubs from as far away as Delhi (India), Moscow (Russia), Tokyo (Japan), and Shanghai (China) hold over thirty more Camp Yale events. For more about Camp Yale Emeritus see, its Facebook page at and its Instagram page at Here are the Central Pennsylvania parties.

OPoster for "Blues is the Root, The Willie dixon Story" with a picture of Willie Dixonn June 21, Club Co-President (and Prof. Emeritus) Charles Dumas ’79 JD staged a First Reading (with music and song) in State College of a new musical, Blues is the Root, The Willie Dixon Story. Charles wrote the play and directed the reading. Afterwards he held a talk-back.

People standing around a buffet table, talking and eating

On July 24, a second event, this time geared to families, was hosted in State College by Jason Acimovic (TC’99) and Cathy Braasch (TD’99).



People standing around on a lawn, talking and eating

They held a picnic and BBQ in their back yard. The event drew almost 30 folks (around 20 adults and 7 kids)!




On September 6, Don Mann ’94 and Yale Club Co-President Trex Proffitt ’89 organized an evening at the John Wright Restaurant in Wrightsville, PA, between York and Lancaster.

four people seated at a table on the deck of the John Wright Restauranttwo people seated at a table on the deck of the John Wright Restaurant





This was the fourth straight year for this event! About 10 folks came, including Nick Moehlmann ’60 who brought a hot air balloon for a twilight “glow”.

hot air balloon inflated and tethered to the ground, at twilight, with the balloon glowing, the balloon design is red and white strips with a stars on a field of blue for the top



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