Feb Club 2019

February 2019: Feb Club events abounded in Central PA. This year we held 3 events in 3 cities.

Several Yalies at the Bluebird Inn

The first meet-up was in Lebanon on Feb 5 at the Bluebird Inn in Lebanon, PA. Three Yale alums attended. Thanks to Bob Hoffman ’68, ’73 M. Arch. and Ben Slotznick ’70, ’73 Dra for hosting. FYI, this historic inn began operation way back in 1859, but the most recent renovations to the room in which we met were designed by Bob!



Yalies and friends at Feb Club 2019 in Lancaster, PA

Next up was in Lancaster on Feb. 22 at the new offices in of Henry Yaeger ’99 MBA. Henry’s renovated a lovely old downtown building. A great venue which we’re likely to see again! Thanks to Henry Yaeger and Trexler Proffitt ’89 for hosting!

Yalies and friends at Feb Club 2019 at the Circular Dining Room at the Hotel Hershey

And not to be forgotten is our third annual Feb Club brunch in the Circular dining room of the Hotel Hershey – this year on Feb 22. A half dozen of us attended. Thanks Jennifer Mascola ’98 MPPM for making arrangements and hosting!


– Ben Slotznick

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